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Hi Loves,

it is NYFW, my schedule is fully packed with fashion shows and the weather in one of my absolute favorite cities, New York City, is just amazing.

But to top all that off Shopping Links and Folli Follie got me a very special treat. My day with them started with an Interview for Shopping Links. Questions were mainly about my relation with Shopping Links- everything from how I use it to how it has helped me in my role as Influencer. If any of you is in the blogger business, I sincerely can recommend Shopping Links as an Influencer Marketing platform to get in touch with brands. They do an amazing work connecting you and I got great collaborations with super cool brands with them. Regarding my interview, I was so nervous because it is quite different to stand in front of a camera or to be filmed and interviewed. Insecure as I am, I still felt pretty important at the same time 😉 Overall a great new experience.

Soon after the filming, I got picked up by a Folli Follie limo heading straight to their boutique in SOHO where I was to discover their gorgeous new handbag, watch and jewelry collections.

The new Heart4Heart handbags are really something to have. I like the small size of the bag featuring four hearts on the closure with a lovely meaning to it. “Expressing your deepest feelings of love and tenderness: One heart for love, one heart for beauty, one heart for hope and one heart for promise…” So sweet!

Then I was to get my hands on the Folli Follie jewelry…and you know how I feel about jewelry. Never can have enough-as long as the pieces are unique and fun. You definitely should check out their website

Honestly, the key pieces of the AW 16 collection “I am Folli Follie” are soooooo beautiful. Simple, versatile, trendy, elegant – these gorgeous jewelry pieces, available in several colors, are just everything…. and I have to have them all. 😉

As if the team was reading my mind, I was not only to spend the whole morning in the boutique trying everything on, but they were so generous to splurge me with a huge bag of adorable gifts. They made me feel like a little princess and the smile on my face could not have been wider nor could I be more grateful.

Perfectly equipped from head to toe in Folli Follie, I spend the rest of the day being driven around to the different fashion shows. Now I am lying in bed reflecting on that truly unique day still enjoy being in my little princess bubble.

Thank you so much Folli Follie and Shopping Links for the wonderful day.


Collaboration supported by Folli Follie & Shopping Links

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