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Dear Loves,

Sorry for not writing much lately. These past couple of weeks have been just insane… Two weeks of wonderful glamorous glitter life during the Cannes Film Festival just pasted.
Now that everything is over, the Croisette, that is the seafront here in Cannes, feels almost deserted, but very lovely at the same time.
All the buzzing of the past weeks is forgotten and you see more and more locals reconquering their Cannes enjoying the beautiful relaxed everyday lifestyle.

So do I! Some of you following me around for a while already know how much I love it here.

Having the most gorgeous weather, today I feel like going all with the elegant, classy French vibe and dressing up a little more.
I got this beautiful multi stripe midi skirt from OASIS featuring a luxe structured silhouette with a splash of summer citrus color…. so chic.

And I only combined it with a simple nude silk top, so I would not take the focus from it.
The Break My Heart Leather Gladiator Sandal from Kenneth Cole’s line Gentle Souls-which by the way are incredibly comfortable- are such a must for me these days, since I have kept on running around on heels  far too long 😉 Plus I think you don’t need to give up on elegance in order to have more comfort.
Adding a wide-brimmed metallic hat also from OASIS completes my outfit for the day  and let me feel like a diva  adding even a bit of old school glamour to it.

Et voilà! It was good to enjoy weather, lifestyle and food at the Côte d’Azur.

If you ever need a recommendation for a nice restaurant at the Croisette, please find a couple of my favorite places:

La Môme, 6 rue Florian, is the current hotspots for insiders. Extremely lovely place with amazing food and the most delicious wine.

Cafe 72, 71 boulevard de la Croisette, is situated right next to the hotel Martinez, the ideal place to watch people especially during the Festival.

L’Ondine, 64 boulevard de la Croisette, is right at the beach. The most perfect place to spend an entire day with wonderful food.


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