First rays of sun

Hi Loves,

you probably know by now how much I enjoy the sun…As often as I have time I go out early in the morning to catch the first rays warming my skin against the fresh breeze from the ocean. I love it that much that sometime I just sit there for an hour watching the waves rolling in and letting myself be carried away.

It is just wonderful… and probably the best reason to live in California…Well at least one of them.


This morning I would just throw on a white bikini and a pair of shorts. And than I got this beautiful white tunic send to me by Barbara Gerwit. Such an elegant piece with wonderful delicate hand beaded embroidery.  The soft linen fabric is amazingly light and airy- perfect for hot summer days or night. Because I think as chic as the tunic is, it is very versatile piece.

You can easily wear casual during the day while on your shopping spree or even at night while dining in fine resort restaurants. I felt perfectly relaxed in my outfit that day. And if you are already looking for some fun, elegant resort wear, you should definitely check out her website.

Before heading out, I did the necessary … sunscreen and sunnies 😉 and I was good to go.


What do you guys do in the morning when waken by the sun?

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