Call me Miss Macarons

Dear Loves,

originally I wanted to create today´s post around a classic outfit of the new Zara Collection (please find all details below the pictures), but instead I ended up sharing with you one of my biggest obsessions- macarons.

Normally I try to cut low on sweets, but this small, delightful indulgences tempt me every time. Now, while staying in the South of France it is even more difficult to resist because it screams MACARON from every corner: Lenôtre, Paul, Jean-Luc Pélé and Laduree-all the most delicious patisseries and well-known for their colorful mini-cakes/biscuits.

Do you know when you try very hard to avoid something and it keeps coming back to you on every occasion?

Well this morning I had to pass the Laduree store again, telling myself not to take a glance of the wonderful window display : Vive l’été! (Enjoy summer!)  They could as well have written: Enjoy live and our delicious macarons!  As undecided as I was, I passed it first… Shall I or shall I not…but finally I gave in and came back…

Once in the store, where all this deliciousness was displayed right in front of me, the next question would occur right away: Which ones shall I take? So many different flavors, so many attracting colors. “Can I have a bite of each, please?” I wanted to ask. Get it together, I told myself. What is my favorite color? Turquoise. Ok, then I should go for those minty, turquoise macarons with the adorable name Marie Antoinette.

Like a little treasure I would carry them out the store, promising to wait at least after lunch to have them with a good cup of coffee. Unfortunately this intention  just lasted till right around the corner of the next block… I couldn’t resist any longer. 😉

Yummy, I probably don’t have to tell you that the forbidden macarons are the best macarons.

By the way …. that were not the only macarons I took…

Which is the little sin you cannot resist?

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