I never wanted to look like anyone else… nor have I ever thought of it any further… till my sister made a comment on the pictures I took yesterday.

But let us start on another point…

Do you have also these days when nothing really seems to fit…? You just don’t feel your best because nothing has the right proportion nor does it show the best of your statue . And that has nothing to do with weight… but there are these days when I would just like to look a little more…toned. Do you know what I mean?

In such moments my goto color is black… of course… The instant slimmer..

Therefore I started to build my outfit of the day around my black LuluLemon high-waist leggings and the beautiful black suede Hermès overknees I hardly get the chance to carry out. To lighten things, I decided to combine a nice striped crop-top to it. I like stripes a lot though I do not wear them as often anymore as when I was kid. 🙂 Anyway, this bottom situation would have worked with almost every top though; red, white, long, short, sleeveless… That is the good thing about black-such an easy and stable basic.

My Louis Vuitton Sophia Coppola bag was a great pick. After so many years I still love it because it cannot only host an additional pair of shoes but is very versatile.

Leaving the house to take these pictures, I thought, I had put together a perfectly simple, lean and comforting outfit, that underlined my features well.

But when we were sitting to select the shots  my sister all of a sudden said: You look so much like Brigitte Bardot in these pictures… Me? No way?… So I googled and found out not only that Brigitte Bardot had a soft spot for striped tops as I do, but she has also her birthday the same day as me… I definitely had my Bardot moment… 🙂

Have you ever be told to look like someone else ?

I am wearing

Crop Top Brandy Melville

High-waist Leggings LuluLemon

Overknees Hermès

Bag Louis Vuitton 

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  • Gene

    Hi Lily, I really love your blog… What a great, timeless look.

    18. July 2015 at 1:41

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