Salad Sunday

Hi Loves,

I am really sorry for not putting up anything new these last days. But connection has been very bad in Punta Umbria where I am currently staying… Incredible how one dependents of a working internet…urrrgh… Today I can finally put up this overdue post!

It is from last Sunday. The last one at home before leaving to Europe for about a month. No worry, I will keep you guys updated on my Instagram and Twitter where I am and what I am up to.

That said, I would love to invite you today to my place and share some of my quality time with you. It is quite rare for me having nothing to do over the week-ends than relaxing and spending the time with my family.

But when I do they are the classic… Lounging, browsing magazines, enjoying a glass of wine by the fire place outside and play with my little cuddler Pocito… He is just the sweetest and most playful dog ever! Lucky that he is going on the trip with me…

When it comes to outfits, these days are just made to wear the most comfy clothes. Normally I like to go for denim shorts and a nice boho shirt or as today  just a long, simple dress, pimped up with some jewelry. You know I am a jewelry girl 😉 My cute earrings were a gift from a dear German friend. She designs the most beautiful pieces. You have to check out her site , especially the ladies precious arm cuffs – so adorable.

Oh, and I  love, love, love to go barefoot….all day long…There is nothing what makes me feel more grounded and free. They should discover high heels that give you that exact feel, actually every shoe should do. :))

The best way to end such chilled, relaxing days is to sit together with my dearest over dinner and talking, sharing stories from the week or what is about to come.  I have probably not told you yet, but I am an absolute foodie, though from the vegetarian side. (I warn you, there is more to come from this side. 😉 ) So salad is a great thing on warm summer days… It is light, fresh and does not require cooking skills nor a lot of time… Perfect for me 😉

How do you spend your quality time?


I am wearing

Dress James Perse

Earrings Strawberry&Cream

Arm Cuff Valencia Cuff

  • sara

    what a great idea! I think I´m gonna start doing a salad sunday too. your salad looks SO delicious <3 <3 <3

    24. July 2015 at 13:13
    • sara

      I definitely will! 🙂

      31. July 2015 at 7:22

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