Over the rooftops of Sevilla

Hello Loves.

When you follow me on Instagram or have read my last post ( actually I am uploading both the same time, as long as I am connected ), you probably know that I am traveling again. I mean, have you seen my shoes… ;)))  ?

This time it is a trip to Europe and my first stop is Sevilla. Honestly, this town is so incredibly beautiful that I want to dedicate the entire post to it and not ruin it with any fashion or beauty or anything but wonderful images…. I wish I could bring some of this feeling and spirit back to you. This capital of Andalouse is so alive, it has so many things to offer and to explore. It feels as if you open one of these tourist guides and there you are right in the middle of the streets of Sevilla, but even better and by far more impressive.

Small picturesque streets cross huge impressive modern constructions, nice Spanish bars und cafes to chill and relax and unimaginable sights. Even my Hotel La Casa De La Juderia was a magical place and a wonderful example for the three major cultures who influenced the city, the Arabs, the Jewish and the Christians. This stay was an experience of its own. With more than forty patios, endless tunnels and five centuries of history, this hotel is unbelievably amazing. The antique bar that was bought from the famous Orient Express and installed in one of the entertainment rooms of the hotel. I am transported to past and imagine to make a movie in this magnificent location -as a starting producer and actress I am always on the hunt for good ones 😉 .

You see, Sevilla would just leave me stop and stare…. or hang out over the rooftops and letting all the impressions pour over me, soaking in every bit of warmth and  beauty…

There is no question of the day beside me asking you to enjoy the picture…



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  • Ernesto Labrada

    Thank you for a lovely description and comments about Seville. Andalusia is such a magic place. Great job.

    Best of luck-mucha suerte.


    3. November 2015 at 2:26

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