one night at the standard

MIAMI. I just have arrived from St Barth, a Caribbean Paradise to the stressful Miami International airport where I had to wait for two hours to clear customs and immigration. As a consequence, I lost my connection to LAX. Since I had to stay night in Miami I did not want to spend it in a horrendus hotel by the airport, I decided to indulge myself to a relaxing heaven: The Lido Spa/The Miami Standard. The vibes there are so cool and refreshing. I checked in a minimalist bungalow type room surrounded by vegetation charged with positive energy. After a detox bath in the privacy of my exterior tub I went to have dinner and treated to the excellent cuisine of Chef Zeitouni, Thank you Mark!
My good karma came back with a good night sleep. You know how different a day looks the next morning. To top it of,  I had a wonderful massage and spent the rest of my time by the most beautiful pool in Miami, breathing the fresh air and enjoying an extraordinary view on the bay. Probably you won’t believe it, but now, I am ready to face the second leg of my trip home.

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